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New album: Time is Not

Time is Not (2010)

This second EP of the band “Shuttle Loop” shows how the band reached to a new phase of their whole songwriting process, and their understanding of what emo means to them. Their first EP, which contained 4 solid songs with their ‘rather – post hardcore approach’, definitely showed the trend of the time, and the ‘hip sadness’ of youngsters in 2008; you can hear the heavy influence of Finch, Underoath, and The Used through the album, and their decent attempt to blend them with their own story in Korean language. In contrast, this second album involves some tracks written in English as a start, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything positive but does show their change of the attitude towards where the band is going to. Also, while the first one focused more on the perfection of their arrangements, this one definitely aims for the vocal melody and instrumentation with the exception of the song ‘Good Night.’

Songs like ‘I’m Pretty Sure Every Fade Out Means Happy Ending,’ ‘Movie’ ‘Refuse Me,’ and ‘Daisy Sucks,’ has the unfinished type of arrangement as well as melodic vocal lines. This also relates to the dying of mainstream emo in 2009 – 2010 after major break ups, introduction of new trends of metalcore, and the rise of hipster indie market in the scene. These proud korean emo kids from 2006 on the other hand, chose to stick around and rather went deeper of the genre ‘emo.’ The unfinished arrangements, sudden break down (to very delicate part for the extreme contraction), nostalgic chord progression from these songs perfectly fit with their reposition as a band. Although, they were still much motivated with some new elements to show off through ‘We lay Down Again,’ and ‘Good Night’ decorated by some ethnic percussion and an orchestration respectively. Lastly, the song ‘Time Is Not’ sums up perfectly. It’s a loud shout of ‘this is the way we decided to walk along.’ Again, beautiful vocal melody, unperfected song arrangement, and all the stops with piano lines, delicate guitar arpeggio. They even use both language in the song. It also shows the maturity of the band getting out of their teenage influence; you might say the elements of the song is a bit generic, but you could hardly tell who they’re influenced from in an obvious way.

Some might say the first album was hardly emo influenced in terms of the purity of the genre, this album definitely shows their heavy focus on the genre itself than perfecting the album. This is also not always a good thing or vice versa, but you could say it's a good start as a band due to what happened to the post hardcore scene in that time.

Time is Not (2010)

Shuttle Loop
Jusin Production & Sapiens 7 Entertainment
Released 11/15/2010

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