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New album: How Are You Today

Shuttle Loop - How Are You Today (2008)

Rookie band Shuttle Loop has released their very first E.P through Sapiens 7 Entertainment in Oct, 2008. The band has been playing in indie scene in Korea since they started the band, September, 2005. Their music is very simple, neat, emotional and based on punk and emo with very dramatic playing and lyrics. Although it’s hard to say that such a young band has their own style of music, their three years biography is extraordinary proved by the sounds and song writing from over hundred shows and also by expressiveness in this album which conveys their music, which is described before, very thoroughly. In conclusion, Shuttle Loop is young and brand new band in this scene yet their music is so incredible that I would love to say these guys are “rookie”.

How Are You Today (2008)

Shuttle Loop
Jusin Production & Sapiens 7 Entertainment
Released 10/19/2008

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