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"Shuttle Loop is a rock band that chases the authenticity of aspiring hearts.
We're based in the city of Seoul, South Korea since 2005 and been around the scene in Seoul playing shows over the years followed by a few years of break due to some random and personal excuses.
After all the hassles, getaways, fallouts, and massive failures, we're back on track with our hands put together."

Keehong Lee
Vocal, Synthesizer

Jinsan Sung
Vocal, Guitar, Drums, Synthesizer, Orchestration

Soohong Cho
Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer, Piano

Korean rock band Shuttle Loop

Shuttle Loop is a Korean emo band from Seoul formed in 2005 by Jinsan Sung, Soohong Cho, Hyunmo Ahn. Their first musical influence was from pop punk and emo bands such as The Starting Line, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, and Finch. They started playing their own tunes on stage in 2006 with a newly added guitarist Joohyun Park. In 2007 Keehong Lee joined the band as a front man taking Jinsan's singer position. Also, Sangkyu Yim replaced Ahn as the drummer. Ahn had to leave the band to focus on his accounting career.

They started playing for bigger stages in 2007. With a good amount of following the band was scouted to play for weekend shows at a venue 'Sapiens 7 Live House', the lable of which later signed the band in the summer of 2008. The band went to a studio for recording 'How Are You Today'. The album contained 4 songs the band played over the years. Especially the song 'Here With Me' had been played since almost the beginning of the band; it used to be sung by Jinsan. After the release of the album, the band played every weekend night's popular shows to promote the album.

The band had to take a break from 2009 due to the military serves of all the members with the exception of Soohong. Soohong started working on more songwriting than ever which led the band to work on their next EP 'Time is Not'. Jinsan managed to play a big part of the whole process while in the military. The album has some songs from their live set in 2007~2008, and some songs from Soohong's personal songwriting work, which changed the band's musical direction a bit; He didn't write a song from 'How Are You Today'.

After the release they played a couple of shows to promote the album, and Soohong leaves for Ontario to pursue his musical career. Also Keehong went to military service. Jinsan kept writing their own music to keep the momentum going.

In 2014, after a while of developing individual’s writing style, they started discussing about another album release with the materials that had been written since 2011 mainly by Jinsan. In addition, when Keehong was on a business trip to Ontario, Soohong suggested a material for him to sing on, and they finished the song and named 'The Anchor', which was the last song that was picked to be in the album. They spent half a year from 2014 recording, mixing, and mastering all by themselves. Jinsan did the recording, editing, design and video, and Soohong took over the mixing and mastering part. The band is currently working on releasing promotion videos.

Shuttle Loop is currently planning 2 releases. One will include some re-recorded songs from their second EP ‘Time is Not’, and the unpublished songs which only featured during their live sets, especially the two songs on popular demands; ‘On the Road(거리 위)’ & ‘I Know’, these have been played since 2006 when they started the band. The other one, which will be the later release, will contain new songs directed by their current style from the writings over the years.

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